Innovative Solutions in the Field of Engineering Sciences

Volume 590

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Hong Ren Chen, Yi Yong Yao

Abstract: Carbon fiber is a fiber material, so the tension must be kept constant in the placement process. The attitude of carbon fiber placement head...

Authors: Xiao Liang Jia, Yi Liang Zhang, Jing Wang, Chun Bo Wang

Abstract: The aim of this study is to discuss the plastic shakedown and true stress of the cyclically loaded pressure vessel. A thin-walled cylinder...

Authors: Kai Chen, Lian Chun Long

Abstract: Bamboo is a fiber-reinforced bio-composite with superior structural behavior. For the purpose of analyzing the correlations between the...

Authors: Rene Alejandro Castro, Evgeniy N. Lushin

Abstract: Low-frequency acoustic method, studies of viscoelastic properties of polymers tetrazolecontaining. It was shown that the introduction of...

Authors: Yong Hao Wang

Abstract: The inertial effects of the components in the transmission device have both advantages and disadvantages and can not be unavoidable, it has...

Authors: Wen Ba Han, Shuang Hua Huang, Jie Liu, Jin Kun Sun

Abstract: The traditional elastic theory believes that there exists normal stress in pure bending body (PBB) and shear stress in pure torsion body...

Authors: Shuang Hua Huang, Wen Ba Han, Zhao Rong Zeng, Qiang Luo

Abstract: The current theory of elasticity persisted in the standpoint that normal stress exists in pure bending and shearing stress exists in pure...

Authors: Yu Min Su, Yun Hui Li, Hai Long Shen

Abstract: In order to forecast the sailing response of planing craft at high speed rapidly and accurately, CFD code Fine/Marine solver was used to...

Authors: Salma Sherbaz, Wen Yang Duan

Abstract: In this study the effects of viscous and pressure forces on trimming moments of Series 60 (CB = 0.6) hull form are calculated at...


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