Advance Materials Development and Applied Mechanics

Volume 597

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Li Zen Hsieh, Mo Hua Lin, Xi Ming Duan

Abstract: The photovoltaic devices with free electrons of nanometal were studied by nanometal scattering and near-field surface plasmon resonance...

Authors: Min Chen, Kun Peng Jiang, Da Wei Jiang, Dong Dong Chen, Yan Fang Zhao

Abstract: We investigated the nanoscale thermal bubble nucleation based on the principle of Coulter counter. With micro-nanofabrication technologies,...

Authors: Yan Zhou, Wen Peng Zhang, Gang Wang, Yan Qing Zhang, Jian Hua Cao, Da Yong Wu

Abstract: Highly ordered mesoporous silica nanofibers with no core/sheath structure were prepared by coaxial electrospinning combined with the solvent...

Authors: Ikuo Ihara, Kohei Ohtsuki, Iwao Matsuya

Abstract: A nanoindentation technique with a spherical indenter of tip radius 10 μm is applied to the evaluation of stress-strain curve at a local...

Authors: Ze Peng Wang, Gui Long Wu, Yan He

Abstract: Graphene-based composites now has been payed more and more attention to because it can make up many shortcomings of the pure single-layer...

Authors: Ning Bo Huo, Sheng Liu, Xiao Jinga Jia

Abstract: Adjusting the proportion of gases and stirring rate and other parameters, the value of pH, electrical conductivity, electrode potential,...

Authors: Li Liu, Yong Ren Wang, Yu Ping Zuo, Dan Liu, Bao Hua Guo

Abstract: Poly (butylene succinate)/titanium dioxide nanocomposite was prepared by melt blending in a HAAKE mixer. The degradation was studied under...

Authors: A Ying Zhang

Abstract: Many electronic applications of carbon nanotubes crucially rely on techniques of selectively producing either semiconducting or metallic...

Authors: Bao Min Wang, Yuan Zhang, Ming Li Yu, Yu Han

Abstract: In this paper, the dispersion of carbon nanotubes (CNTs) in cement matrix was analyzed by Three-dimensional Monte Carlo Simulation. A Hard...


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