A Pre-Processing Method of ProCAST Based on Pro/E and HyperMesh


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In order to improve the quality of ProCAST casting simulation, a pre-processing method is proposed based on Pro/E software and HyperMesh software. In this paper, Pro/E software parametric solid modeling and HyperMesh finite element meshing functions were used, a ProCAST pre-processing method is proposed based on Pro/E and HyperMesh software, it overcomes the meshing problems of ProCAST casting simulation and achieves the connections among Pro/E, HyperMesh and ProCAST. Compared with the basic ProCAST casting simulation meshing module, the Pro/E and HyperMesh pre-processing method improves the accuracy of modeling and meshing, the method is easy to realize with high accurancy.



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Keishi Matsuda, P.S. Pa and Wiseroad Yun




W. Huang et al., "A Pre-Processing Method of ProCAST Based on Pro/E and HyperMesh", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vol. 597, pp. 203-207, 2014

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July 2014




* - Corresponding Author

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