Stress Analysis and Structure Improvement on Arm of Ladle Turret


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Static stress analysis on arm of ladle turret is based on finite element (FE) theory and shell theory by finite element software ANSYS. In this paper, an arm subjected to a multi-axial state of stress is examined both numerically and experimentally. The hot spot strains and stresses in the connection are determined through a detailed finite element analysis (FEA) of the joint. The arm geometry is accurately modeled using FE. Check the dangerous position on the side of the arm by different safety factor. For the experimental study, a test rig is designed and used to validate the FE model. Gain the impact factor of the arm. According to finite element calculations, assesses the fatigue strength by stress ratio method and stress amplitude method on the weld.Structural improvement is performed with increasing thickness and changing the location of the force.



Edited by:

Keishi Matsuda, P.S. Pa and Wiseroad Yun




X. Y. Zhang and L. K. Guan, "Stress Analysis and Structure Improvement on Arm of Ladle Turret", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vol. 597, pp. 336-340, 2014

Online since:

July 2014




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