Machine Design and Manufacturing Engineering III

Volume 607

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Che Murad Mardziah, Iis Sopyan, Koay Mei Hyie, N.R. Nik Roselina

Abstract: The fabrication of Sr hydroxyapatite (HA) porous scaffolds was done by using polymeric sponge method. To prepare the porous samples, the...

Authors: Soon Yong Park, Dong Bok Lee

Abstract: The Ni-based superalloy, Inconel 690, was oxidized between 800 and 1000°C for up to 300 h in air. It displayed good oxidation resistance,...

Authors: Min Wang, Jun Zhao, Li Li Wang

Abstract: The Ti (C, N) solid solution is as one particle in most study of Al2O3/Ti (C, N) ceramic materials. In this paper the...

Authors: Si Jian Lin, Wei Long, Da Qing Tian

Abstract: Residual life is tightly related to the period of examine and repair of pressure vessels. The accuracy of residual life prediction may have...

Authors: Dheerachai Polsongkram, Pattanasuk Chamninok, Ki Seok An, Supakorn Pukird

Abstract: The morphologies of ZnO nanostructured were synthesized by carbon assisted. The materials source will be prepared by mixing Zn, ZnO and...

Authors: Giuliano Gillo

Abstract: This paper shows a numerical-experimental comparison to validate a mathematical model which is able to determine the superplastic material...

Authors: Giuliano Gillo

Abstract: The mechanical behaviour of a superplastic material is often modelled by the power law relationship between the equivalent flow stress, the...

Authors: Nor Azrina Resali, Koay Mei Hyie, M.N. Berhan, N.R. Nik Roselina, Che Murad Mardziah

Abstract: Replacement or repair of corrosion damaged equipment is the largest maintenance requirement for the industry. One technique for reducing the...

Authors: Qiao Lei, Yu Ting Zhang, Jia Zhen Pan, Jian Qiang Bao, Zhi Ying Huang

Abstract: Cases of 30 whey protein isolate-sodium caseinate-glycerol composite protein films based on different ingredients and processing techniques,...


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