Geological Adaptive Cutterhead Selection for EPB Shield Based on BP Neural Network


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In view of complex and fuzziness of geological adaptive cutterhead selection for earth pressure balance (EPB) shield, a cutterhead selection method based on BP neural network is put forward. Considering the structure characteristics of EPB shield cutterhead, typical cutterhead types are classified and summarized based on cutterhead topology structure and number of spokes. After analyzing the determinants of cutterhead selection, one-to-many mapping relation between cutterhead type and geological parameters is put forward, and then core geologic parameters related to cutterhead selection are concluded. The feasibility of using neural network method to choose the cutterhead type is analyzed, and a BP neural network training model for cutterhead selection is set up and tested in testing sample data. The result shows that the selected cutterhead and the construction cutterhead are basically consistent. The feasibility of this method is proved and it can be theoretical basis for the cutterhead structure design which will improve scientific of cutterhead selection.



Edited by:

Peng-Sheng Wei




L. K. Lin et al., "Geological Adaptive Cutterhead Selection for EPB Shield Based on BP Neural Network", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vol. 607, pp. 118-123, 2014

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July 2014




* - Corresponding Author

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