A New Contour-Parallel Tool Path Planning Algorithm for 2D Pockets


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A tool path planning algorithm that generates contour-parallel tool paths for 2D pockets is proposed. 2D pockets with islands bounded by line and arc segments can be handled. The algorithm first generates raw offset loops by vertex offset, then based on the concepts of offset region and invalid edge, local invalid edges are removed. By the character of direction vectors at the intersections of offset tool paths, the invalid sup-loops are removed. The offset tool paths are linked by depth-first traversal algorithm after constructing a single-parent tree. Experimental results are given to verify the proposed algorithm.



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Prof. Peng Sheng Wei




M. Liu et al., "A New Contour-Parallel Tool Path Planning Algorithm for 2D Pockets", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vol. 607, pp. 853-859, 2014

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July 2014




* - Corresponding Author

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