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Authors: Ali Messabhia, Naceur Hassounet
Abstract:The concrete works, during their exploitation are exposed to operation or environmental conditions which can inflict certain degradations to...
Authors: D. Popovici, Veronica Paltanea, Gheorghe Paltanea, Gabi Jiga
Abstract:In many industrial and biomedical applications (laser scanning displays, optical switch matrices and biomedical imaging systems) the sensing...
Authors: A. Meksem, M. El Ghorba, A. Benali, A. El Barkany
Abstract:The metallic cables are used for various applications in many industrial fields, such as the aircraft industry, the systems of lifting, the...
Authors: M. Bouazza, A. Tounsi, E.A. Adda-Bedia, A. Megueni
Abstract:Thermal buckling behaviour of FGM square plates with simply supported edges has been studied in this note using the classic plate theory...
Authors: Mohammed Diany, Hicham Aissaoui
Abstract:The like-rubber O-ring gaskets are widely used in hydraulic and pneumatic equipments to ensure the sealing of the shaft, the pistons and the...
Authors: W. El Alem, A. El Hami, Rachid Ellaia
Abstract:The aim of this paper is to study the implementation of an efficient and reliable methodology for shape optimization problems where the...
Authors: Emmanuel Lacoste, Sylvain Fréour, Frédéric Jacquemin
Abstract:The present work aims to investigate the validity of Eshelby-Kröner self-consistent model [1] for thermoelastic behaviour, in the case of a...
Authors: Fouzia Khadraoui, Moussa Karama
Abstract:Creep in cementitious materials is an important part of the delayed strains. It is a complex phenomenon in which many physical and chemical...
Authors: Joël Bonneville, Dimitri Charrier, Christophe Coupeau
Abstract:We report in the present paper a practical situation where the use of atomic force microscopy allowed an irrefutable insight in material...
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