Kinematic Optimization of Transplanting Mechanism with B-Spline Curve Gear for Rice Pot Seedling Based on Matlab


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In order to realize the mechanized transplanting of rice pot seedling and ensure our food security, The pitch curve of non-circular gear is fitted based on cubic, non-uniform and rational B-spline curve. The planetary gear train transplanting mechanism has been invented for ride type, and kinematics mathematical model has been built through the kinematics analysis of transplanting mechanism. The computer aided analytical and optimized software has been developed by using software platform of Matlab. Through tuning the data points by man-machine interaction, pitch curve of non-circular gear is optimized and structural parameters are obtained, which can meet the demand of track and attitude in the transplanting process for rice pot seedling. In condition of the parameters, the correctness of the established model is verified by the virtual experiment by software of Adams.



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Li Qiang




Y. J. Zuo et al., "Kinematic Optimization of Transplanting Mechanism with B-Spline Curve Gear for Rice Pot Seedling Based on Matlab", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vol. 624, pp. 181-186, 2014

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August 2014




* - Corresponding Author

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