Effect of Scanning Depth of Field on the Measurement Noises of Developed Fringe Projection 3D Scanning System


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In this paper, some tests was performed to evaluate the effect of scanning depth of field on the measurement error and the density of the point cloud obtained from the developed non-contact 3D scanner by measurement error of about ±0.05mm, which was taken from a single digital camera and a 3LCD video projector as a source projecting the structured light pattern. To perform this analysis, the scanning depth changes occurred in steps. However, due to the effect that the video projector focus has on the sharpness of the projected image pattern and consequently the measurement noise created, the tests were repeated again with the change in focus at every step. The experimental results suggest the need to define the optimum scanning depth (less than 60cm), to provide a stable and acceptable precision, and shows the great effect of scanning depth of field and sharpness of the projected pattern on the amount of measurement noise and density of the points cloud.



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Li Qiang




H. Rashidizad and A. Rahimi, "Effect of Scanning Depth of Field on the Measurement Noises of Developed Fringe Projection 3D Scanning System", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vol. 624, pp. 322-326, 2014

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August 2014




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