Experiment of a Flat Plate Solar Water Heater Collector with Modified Design and Thermal Performance Analysis


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An investigation is reported of the thermal performance of a flat plate solar water heater with a circulating absorber pipe surface. The thermal performance of the 2-side parallel serpentine flow solar water heater depends significantly on the heat transfer rate between the absorber surface and the water, and on the amount of solar radiation incident on the absorber surface. The modified pipe arrangement has a higher characteristic length for convective heat transfer from the absorber to the water, in addition to having more surface area exposed to solar radiation. It means during the operation of water heater, more solar energy is converted into useful heat. However, this modification has reduced the efficiency of the system marginally.



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Li Qiang




S. Hossain et al., "Experiment of a Flat Plate Solar Water Heater Collector with Modified Design and Thermal Performance Analysis", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vol. 624, pp. 332-338, 2014

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August 2014




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