Comparative Analysis of Wind Speed in Ventilation Hole Simulated by VOF and Euler Model


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In order to analysis the applicability of VOF and Euler models to simulate water-air two-phase flow, VOF model and Euler model, respectively combining turbulent model, were used to simulate wind speed in ventilation hole of working gate in a hydropower station spillway tunnel with high head and large discharge in China. The results show that the dragging force simulated by Euler model is much more effective than that simulated by VOF model, causing significant increase of airflow in ventilation hole. It is obviously that wind speed simulated by Euler model is more close to the measured one, which may also provide evidence for design of ventilation hole. So Euler model is a better method to simulate the characteristic of aerated flow than VOF model. Meanwhile, the maximum wind speed occur near the inlet of ventilation hole, and the maximum value of wind speed is close to 120 m/s, which can cause loud noise. And wind speed distribution on the inlet section and outlet section of ventilation hole is respectively the most non-uniform and uniform. The conclusions obtained can improve the design of ventilation hole.



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Li Qiang




H. Q. Zhang et al., "Comparative Analysis of Wind Speed in Ventilation Hole Simulated by VOF and Euler Model", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vol. 624, pp. 643-646, 2014

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August 2014




* - Corresponding Author

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