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Authors: Guang Chun Li, Ping Yan, Sui Er Wang
Abstract: The PID parameter optimization has been a hot topic of control system research. Artificial bee colony algorithm is used to optimize the PID parameters of control system, and gives the PID parameter optimization process of the traditional artificial bee colony algorithm. Aiming at the optimization problem of long time, the improved artificial bee colony algorithm was put forward. The simulation results show that the improved artificial bee colony algorithm can significantly shorten the time of PID parameter optimization, control and better optimization accuracy.
Authors: Zhi Bin Chen, Yan Ma, Bo Wen Su
Abstract: In the d-q coordinate system, UPFC mathematical model reveals a nonlinear system with features of a multi-variable, strong coupling, and more interference. In view of these system characteristics, the paper presents a nonlinear overlapping decoupled strategy with better stability and dynamic performance for UPFC control. The control strategy is analyzed and tested with the MATLAB simulative experiments. Simulation results show that the proposed control strategy can quickly and accurately respond to the needs of the power system, and realize real power and reactive power decoupling control effectively. Keywords: Dynamic Modeling, Nonlinear, Decoupling Controller, UPFC, MATLAB
Authors: Mei Fang Wan
Abstract: This article designs one constant pressure water supply system based on PLC. In this system, PLC and frequency converter is the main control system. Moreover, the water-supply system with a variable frequency and constant pressure is based on PCL and combines with water supply pump, pressure gage and other equipment. Water supply system realizes the water supply of constant pressure and variable flow.
Authors: Gang Quan Wang
Abstract: Progress of society and human longevity require more developed productive forces and more intelligent human economic life in order to save precious human time. Innovation in the field of electrical automation control needs artificial human support, and artificial intelligence advantage in terms of automation and control in this area are indeed able to get great play. This paper describes the connotation and characteristics of artificial intelligence technology. As well as the status of electrical automation control artificial intelligence technology. The applications of artificial intelligence technology are analyzed and discussed in the electric automation industry. Electrical automated production widely uses artificial intelligence technology to improve the productivity of electronic devices, reduce the harsh production costs, and improve production efficiency and competitiveness, which is an important guarantee for long-term development. The applications of artificial intelligence technology promote the development and progress of automation and solve difficult control problems.
Authors: Kan Wang
Abstract: There have been many efficient methods for nonlinear black box. However, few articles refer to the comparison of the various methods. This paper presents a comparison of two commonly used modeling methods, aiming to provide theoretical evidence for the selection of modeling methods.
Authors: Yue Pan
Abstract: The emergence background of networked control system (NCS) is introduced. The basic problems and research status in NCS are surveyed. The current research status of NCS scheduling is analyzed emphatically. Finally the future development directions of control net-worked scheduling research are predicted.
Authors: Yang Huai, Qiong Ling Shao, Sheng Jun Wang
Abstract: Based on UM220-BD/GPS hybrid positioning module, LPC1768 module taking ARM Cortex-M3 as the kernel and Q2403A communication module, the receiving and processing data circuit and wireless communication circuit in GPRS are designed. This research develops the processing and controlling data program of LPC1768 module, GPRS communication program in Text and receiving and displaying data program. The article realizes receiving, resolving, processing, transmitting, displaying satellite data and verifies the system functions.
Authors: Yun Chen, Qiang Tao, Heng Wang
Abstract: By comparing various field bus technology, considering automobile electrical control system its own situation, we establish the automobile electrical control system method based on PLC mixed network, discuss the system's design goals, function and main structure; Introduce PLC bus and LIN1.2 bus basic theory and protocol. Design the hardware circuit based on PLC bus and LIN1.2 bus protocol strictly including PLC node circuit design, LIN node circuit design and PLC/LIN gateway circuit design. The chips used in the circuit design and their performances are also detailed introduced. In the end, the system software is designed and the main flow chart is also given in this study.
Authors: Zheng Xu
Abstract: This paper introduced a reverse sensor system based on microprocessor and solar power, and the system is composed of ultrasound sensor, controller of reception, and alarm apparatus. The design of hardware and software of reverse sensor system were also declared in details. The results showed that the reverse sensor system could remind the drivers timely in a way of voice and graph. The reverse sensor system erased the potential problems of back up, and improved the security of drive, which had a high practical value. The power supply of the system was obtained from solar power, and the loadings of vehicle power had been relieved. The complexity and harm of install sensor was refrained.
Authors: Qiang Li, Hong En Xie, Qiu Ju Zheng
Abstract: The voice activity detection is one of the key technologies of variable rate speech coding. The development of speech coding technology requires higher performance of the detection. Based on the analysis of spectral entropy and high-order statistics of the basic definition and property of the foundation, this article proposes a voice activity detection algorithm which combines spectral entropy with high-order statistics. The algorithm can effectively detect the speech and non-speech segments, and can get reasonable results in a complex background noise environment.

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