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Authors: Biao Deng, Lian Wei Liu
Abstract: Considering the problems of long training cycle, low frequency, big loss and high costs existing in traditional training, this article builds a three-dimensional virtual training environment and a interaction training method using virtual reality technology. This application enables trainees to learn a special equipment training knowledge on personal computer. This application can improve the training quality and efficiency, shorten the training cycle, save training funds, reduce equipment loss, has the advantages of safety, and are not affected by the conditions of use and environmental restrictions.
Authors: Chen Yin Wang, Dong Ling Luo, Mo Wei Zeng, Yang Yi, Xiao Cong Zhou
Abstract: The minimum weight dominating set problem (MWDSP) has been a popular research topic in recent years. The weights of vertexes may be considered as cost, time, or opponent’s payoff, which are uncertain in most cases. This paper discusses MWDSP under hybrid uncertain environments where the weights of vertexes are random fuzzy variables. First, random fuzzy theory is introduced to describe these hybrid uncertain variables. Then we propose three decision models based on three different decision criteria to solve MWDSP under hybrid uncertain environments. To solve the proposed models, we present a hybrid intelligent algorithm where random fuzzy simulation and genetic algorithm are embedded. Numerical experiments are performed in the last to show the robustness and effectiveness of the presented hybrid intelligent algorithm.
Authors: Yang Fan
Abstract: Association rule algorithm is an important issue in data mining,and in recent years, it has been extensively studied by the industry.Association rules reflect the interdependence and correlation of a transaction with other things.According to the author's many years of experience, this paper proposes a new algorithm based on binary tree BT_CM gradually merge new accumulation principle.The application shows that the improved algorithm has the characteristics of simple, accurate test to improve the efficiency and accuracy of data mining requirements.
Authors: Jing Bo Yang, Shu Huang, Pan Jiang
Abstract: With the development of cloud computing, data center is also improved. cloud computing data center contains hundreds, even million of servers or PCs. It has many heterogeneous resources. Data center is a key to promise high scalability and resource usage of cloud computing. In addition, replica is introduced into data center, which is an important method to improve availability and performance. In this paper, the research on distributed storage algorithm based on the cloud computing. This algorithm uses the design of system storage level indicators within classification of massive data storage mechanism to solve the allocation problem of data consistency between the data center; and send communication packets between data centers through the cloud computing. The full storage can achieve complete local storage of each data stream, and solve the original data stream unusually large-scale data storage allocation problem.
Authors: Dan Ping Wang, Kun Yuan Hu
Abstract: This paper analyzes the existing traffic guidance systems and conducts a detailed explanation of things based on traffic flow guidance system and describes its characteristics and advantages and disadvantages. After a comparison beteween them, this paper designs the optimal way and introduce its features detaily. On this basis, this paper studies the structure and composition traffic information system, including the service application platform designed to induce traffic information systems and traffic information collection system and vehicle location system to provide basic information on traffic flow guidance system design. This paper analyzes the general method of route optimization to build a theoretical model based route optimization and this lay a foundation for things urban traffic guidance system path optimization.
Authors: Jun Wang, Shuo Feng
Abstract: The paper introduces a system using PLL frequency modulation and demodulation technique, and using infrared as the carrier to realize wireless communication. CD4046 is a common CMOS low-frequency phase locked loopintegrated circuit, and it has the characteristics of high VCOlinearity, tunable center frequency and acquisition frequency range, low power consumption and simple for use. The paper introduces the design scheme using the technique for infrared communication, and proposes a method using sing-chip microcontroller to control single channel to realize the simultaneous transmission of acoustic signal and digital signal, which has great practicability.
Authors: Dan Ping Wang, Kun Yuan Hu
Abstract: Intelligent Transportation System is the primary means of solving the city traffic problem. The information technology, the communication, the electronic control technology and the system integration technology and so on applies effectively in the transportation system by researching rationale model, thus establishes real-time, accurate, the highly effective traffic management system plays the role in the wide range. Traffic flow guidance system is one of cores of Intelligent Transportation Systems. It is based on modern technologies, such as computer, communication network, and so on. Supplying the most superior travel way and the real-time transportation information according to the beginning and ending point of the journey. The journey can promptly understand in the transportation status of road network according to the guidance system, then choosing the best route to reach destination.
Authors: Zhong Guo Wang, Guang Yu Zhang, De Kai Zhou, Yi Qing Li, Wen Ping Song
Abstract: Oil is an important energy and chemical raw materials and strategic materials. Nowadays, the layered water injection test technology become the key factor of oilfield production. According to different types of formation and for the artificial fracturing injection wells, this paper studied the infinite boundary, uniform flow and vertical cracks well, infinite diversion vertical fractures and conductivity vertical fracture wells’ absorbent law. The method to do all of the above work is to solve the equation of dimensionless bottomhole pressure in different formation and boundary conditions. The indicating curve of infinite uniform flow formation, unlimited conduction and limited conduction vertical fractures wells are almost identical, which means that the type of vertical fracture has little effect on the indicate curves of injection wells.
Authors: Wei Qiang Xue, Wei Shen Zhu, Jin Wei Fu, Chao Jia, Shuai Guo
Abstract: Joints and fissures have a strong impact on the stability of engineering rock mass. In this paper, a self-improved analysis program of FLAC3D is adopted to study problems in fluid-solid coupling field. Then, by simulating the excavation process of a slope under the effect of fissure water pressure, the crack initiation and propagation in engineering rock mass reappears. Besides, the numerical simulation results are decent and effective, which can provide some references for engineering application.
Authors: Er Ping Zhao, Xiao Bing Jia, Qiu Fei Liu, Xuan Yan
Abstract: In order to find out the infiltration rule of expansive rock canal slope, take the expansive rock in south-to-north water diversion project as sample. First, soil-water characteristic curve of expansive rock test was carried out. It predicts the unsaturated infiltration coefficient. Then, based on the test result and the saturated-unsaturated seepage theory, the varying law of seepage field under different rainfall intensity was studied. The results show that when the rainfall intensity is less than the slope material saturated permeability coefficient, with the increase of slope rainfall duration, the underground water level rises gradually, but the increase is very small. Meanwhile, there isn't saturation zone on the surface of the slope. When the rainfall intensity is greater than or equal to the slope material saturated permeability coefficient, after one day's continuous rainfall, saturation zone appears in the slope surface. After 5 days' continuous rainfall, saturation zone appears in the middle of the slope (elevation: 89m). After 12 days' continuous rainfall, the underground water level arrives at the slope toe. So, in order to prevent slope sliding under the rainfall infiltration condition, both the slope toe and the middle of the slope should all be given enough attention, and it is not only necessary but also essential to take drainage measures in the relevant position in advance.

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