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Authors: Zhang Wei, Fei Cao Chen, Shi Liu Zhan, Yi Heng Pan
Abstract: Ginkgo landslide, located in Ginkgo village, Xixia County in Henan province, is a large earthiness landslide. Considering its serious deformation and the possible serious instability disaster of the landslide, GPS was chosen to monitor this landside. This paper systematically introduces the monitoring program design, data acquisition, data processing, data analysis when GPS was used in Ginkgo landslide monitoring. According to GPS monitoring result analysis, the landslide is at a stage of constant speed deformation. And the rainfall is the main factor inducing the landslide sliding. It’s suggested that close attention should be paid to the landslide when encounter rainstorm, heavy rain or a long time raining so that to relief and prevent disasters.
Authors: Xin Zhong Wang, Chuan Xi Li
Abstract: An externally pre-stressed continuous box girder bridge model is designed according to loading features of the continuous beam. The CFRP bars and steel strands are used to make two models for externally pre-stressed reinforcements Analysis of the two models under three different load stiffness and loss of prestress, through calculation and analysis, found that two kinds of prestressed concrete material model under three load deflection basic same, also almost the same change trend, prestressed RMS model than model 1, 2 but with the increase of load model 2 prestress loss is big. Analysis results of CFRP materials and application to provide the reference in the bridge.
Authors: Xiao Dong Wang, Xie Dong Zhang, Jin Zhi Wang, Zhi Xiang Zhou
Abstract: Aimed at the question of excessive tension stress in local area in concrete structure, a ribbed steel plate-concrete composite structure (RSPC) which can improve crack resistance and prevent crack developing was proposed. Four specimens of RSPC flexural members were designed to be compared with common concrete flexural members. The test results show that RSPC, which cracks appeared in upper limb, have much more crack resistance ability than common concrete flexural members. According to energy absorption principle in failure process of composite materials, the crack mechanism of RSPC composite structure was studied.
Authors: Rifat Alihodzic, Vera Murgul, Nikolay Vatin, Ekaterina Aronova, Vojislav Nikolić, Milan Tanić, Danica Stanković
Abstract: Pre-school facilities are considered to be specific buildings in the matter of construction and renovation. Space-planning features in design for pre-school facilities create special conditions for solar power use to ensure heat and power supply. The article deals with estimation of incoming solar power in reference to the surfaces oriented in different cardinal directions under the weather conditions of the city of Saint-Petersburg (Russia) and the city of Nish (Serbia). A model of how to ensure power supply for a kindergarten of the city of Nish is presented on the basis of the calculations analysis. The cases with regard to completed projects designed to use renewable energy sources in order to supply pre-school facilities with energy in other weather conditions are given herein.
Authors: Jia Yuan Tao, Yu De Xu
Abstract: To solve the problem that there is vertical track profile irregularity with long wavelength and large amplitude a method of adjustment based on cubic spline interpolation was proposed in this paper. The key step of the method is to set up reference sleepers. This paper made an adjustment scheme for a 500-meter-long ballastless track section as an application case. An evaluation for the scheme was done by considering the evaluation indexes of regularity indexes, rail curvature and vehicle-track system dynamic responses. The evaluation result indicates that the method based on cubic spline interpolation is effective on track profile irregularity adjustment.
Authors: Bing Teng
Abstract: With economic development, the massing of buildings in the mining area is increasing. The larger and deeper foundations will come forth. The safety of excavation support, adjacent building put forward higher requirements. Summing up the experiences of deep foundation pit support in mining area, this article expounds the mining area excavation support structure, retaining pile, neighboring buildings and foundation as a whole process which is simulation of excavation and supporting.
Authors: Chang Xian Zhou, Shao Peng Zheng, You Qian Ye
Abstract: Research status on soil layer earthquake response analysis is summarized using deterministic analysis methods and undeterministic analysis methods. Deterministic analysis methods are in troduced according to the order of development of the methods of soil layer earthquake response, the principle and some developments of equivalent linearization method are sketched, and the structure form and the development of nonlinear dynamic constitutive model is also introduced. Undeterministic analysis methods are introduced according to the hypothesis that the stochastic process can be applied expediently to soil layer earthquake response analysis. The stochastic process application to soil layer earthquake response analysis and the development are introduced. It is also pointed out the developing direction of the soil layer earthquake response analysis.
Authors: Hong Zeng, Yin Hui Zhang, Jun Long
Abstract: This paper reviews the research on the deflection of orthotropic saddle membrane under the external snow load. First the authors build the model of orthotropic saddle membrane under the snow load. Second we deduce the equations set of the saddle membrane which has the effect of pretension. Then we solve the equations set with the perturbation method. So we obtain the relational expression between the maximum deflection of the membrane’s centre point and the external load. At last, suppose that the load was determinate, the authors analyze the change of the deflection of the centre point of the membrane with different pretensions, side lengths and other parameters.
Authors: Qi Fan, Shuan Cheng Gu, Bo Nan Wang, Rong Bin Huang
Abstract: Geotechnical engineering in tension damage is one of the major failure modes. For a long time, Brazil test has practical significance and wide application value that has been used to determine the tensile strength of rock. When the specimen center destroyed tensile stress play a major role that is the theoretical basis of Brazil test. This is uniaxial tensile stress state, but the reality is complex stress state. Theoretical analysis shows that the Brazilian test does not truly reflect the tensile strength of rock, its test results to error. In this paper, two-parameter parabolic Mohr strength criterion for this error analysis, and propose amendments to the formula.
Authors: Qing Na Chi
Abstract: The efficacy of green building system depends on the scientific development and achievement. This paper will explore the innovation and revolution of green building design methods with the theories of complex giant system, synergetics and evolutionary computation from the perspective of complex science. The author hopes we can improve and adjust the relationship between human beings and the nature by the application of complex science and translation in green building.

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