Performance Analysis and Control of Double Fed Induction Generator Using Modified Direct Power Control Scheme during Nonlinear Loading


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Renewable energy resources has given rise to the systems that transmit and distribute electricity. Recent developments in the wind energy as distribution generation systems in the distribution networks is gaining popularity as a new sources of energy. The integration of renewable energy in to the power system causes severe challenges for the control and protection of the distributed system. A careful operation and design of distribution systems with renewable energy resources should be carried out. This paper describes the dynamic modeling and simulation results of DFIG wind turbine during nonlinear loading. During nonlinear loading the overall performance gets considerably degraded due to the effect of negative sequence component and also the power produced by the DFIG gets considerably derated. To eliminate this effect a suitable control technique should be applied. Direct Power Control (DPC) scheme is implemented along with Proportional Integral (PI) controller. The DPC directly controls the Stator active and reactive powers, while the PI controllers is used to regulate the positive and negative sequence component. The proposed DPC-PI control strategy is verified by the simulation results during nonlinear loading. The models have been developed by means of MATLAB/SIMULINK software.



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R. Edwin Raj, M. Marsaline Beno and M. Carolin Mabel




I. A. X. Raj et al., "Performance Analysis and Control of Double Fed Induction Generator Using Modified Direct Power Control Scheme during Nonlinear Loading", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vol. 626, pp. 172-176, 2014

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August 2014




* - Corresponding Author

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