Characteristic Analysis on Transverse Comb Structure Using PSpice


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An analysis of transverse comb structure based MEMS accelerometer is carried out. Its static and dynamic behavior is analyzed by employing a simple electrical equivalent circuit in the acceleration range of 0-30g. The device is simulated for dc, transient and frequency conditions. In the transient analysis, the device is excited with sinusoidal and step input acceleration and the proof mass displacement is evaluated. It is found that, the capacitance and displacement values obtained from our simulation matches well with reports from ANSYS Workbench®. The maximum displacement in the structure is evaluated at different condition and the effect of damping is investigated.



Edited by:

Bale V. Reddy, Shishir Kumar Sahu, A. Kandasamy and Manuel de La Sen




C. Kavitha and M. Ganesh Madhan, "Characteristic Analysis on Transverse Comb Structure Using PSpice", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vol. 627, pp. 202-206, 2014

Online since:

September 2014




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