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Authors: Hu Qi, Yun Gui Li, Kang Liu
Abstract: A composite precast road panel structure system suitable for heavy vehicles is put forward, which combined by two layers of composite stagger-jointed road panel. Experiment research are adopted to study the proposed road panel structure and common road panel structure respectively. In order to research the proposed road panel structure performance under heavy vehicles, five different cases are studied in experiment each which different vehicle routes. The test results show that the proposed one can reduce 24.2% to 46.4% ( an average of 35% ) of the subgrade stress in five cases so as to reduce the subgrade damage under driving heavy traffic.
Authors: Jin Duan, Xiao Ming Chen, Hu Qi, Yun Gui Li
Abstract: This paper would modify thepaving method of Blacker and Stephenson [1] to generate boundary-constraint quad-mesh for arbitrary plane geometry. The basic idea for the present method is to classify the initial boundaries into closed borders and open borders.The closed borders aredescribed in a manner just the same as the paving method while the open borders areheuristically modeled as cracks with zero-width.And then the two kinds of borders aredelicatelyconnected each other to generate a new kind of boundary, named generalized closed boundary. Based on the newboundaries, the paving methodin Ref. [1] is adopted and modified slightly to generate quadrilateral elements by layering the geometry from the boundary toward the interior. And finally some meshing examples would be presented to illustrate the availability and power of the modified paving method.
Authors: Kristýna Šamárková, Zdeněk Chobola, Daniela Štefková, Ivo Kusák
Abstract: The aim of this paper is to evaluate the corrosion of reinforced concrete structure. To assess the state of corrosion we used frequency signal analysis, where we observed the changes in dominant frequencies and growth of damping factor λ. Tension pulse was produced in axis of the rod at one end and detected in axis at opposite end of rod. Diameter of steel rod was 8 mm. The article presents the results of measurements obtained during 24 months controlled degradation in aqueous NaCl solution.
Authors: Daniela Štefková, Michael Tupý, Konstantinos Sotiriadis, Kristýna Šamárková, Zdeněk Chobola
Abstract: The application of Impact-echo acoustic method to evaluate the degradation and the composition of mortar composites modified with rubber aggregates and EVA polymer binder degraded at high temperatures was studied. Specimens were prepared by using a type CEM I Portland cement and siliceous sand, as well as by substituting 25% of sand with shredded automobile tires and by adding of EVA polymer binder (10% w/w to cement mass). The samples were subjected to high-temperature treatment in the temperature range of 200-400 °C. The results of non-destructive testing of such samples by acoustic methods confirmed the differences in the structure of mortar specimens. Addition of rubber aggregates in samples caused absorption of lower frequency as compared to reference specimens. A significant decrease of the absorbed frequencies was observed depending on the temperature. The largest decrease happened after exposure of samples at 200-300 °C. It indicates that the effect of heat treatment was reduced when the EVA binder was added.
Authors: Marijana Lazarevska, Meri Cvetkovska, Miloš Knežević, Ana Trombeva Gavriloska, Milivoje Milanovic, Vera Murgul, Nikolay Vatin
Abstract: Using the concept of the artificial neural networks and the results of the performed numerical analyses as input parameters, the prediction model for defining the fire resistance of RC columns incorporated in walls and exposed to standard fire from one side, has been made. A short description of the numerical analyses of columns exposed to standard fire ISO 834, conducted by the computer software FIRE are presented in this paper. The software is capable of predicting the nonlinear response of reinforced concrete elements and plane frame structures subjected to fire loading, carrying out the nonlinear transient heat flow analysis and nonlinear stress-strain response associated with fire.
Authors: Mao Chieh Chi, Ran Huang
Abstract: This study presents an investigation into durability performance of concrete with various combinations of circulating fluidized bed combustion (CFBC) fly ash and coal-fired fly ash. All cylindrical specimens with the same binder content of 420 kg/m3 and water/binder ratio of 0.5 were cast and cured in the saturated limewater. Permeability test, sulfate attack resistance test, rapid chloride ion penetration test (RCPT) and carbonization test were performed. Test results demonstrate that the adding of CFBC fly ash and coal-fired fly ash would reduce the water permeability and chloride ions penetration, and increase the sulfate attack resistance, but an increase in carbonization depth. The carbonization depth increases with an increasing contents of CFBC fly ash and coal-fired fly ash. There exists a negative relationship between compressive strength and carbonization rate. Based on the test results, CFBC fly ash and coal-fired fly ash can be considered as cement replacement materials and employed in concrete.
Authors: Xiao Ming Chen, Jin Duan, Hu Qi, Yun Gui Li
Abstract: In the nonlinear time-history analysis for high-rise building, different damping models may lead to results with great difference. Limited by the stable time increment, the stiffness proportional damping is usually neglected in Abaqus/Explicit, and only a simplified mass proportional damping is used, which can be derived from the fundamental frequency and the critical damping factor. In this paper, the influence on the results of this method has been researched by numerical examples, the numerical results also show that the stiffness proportional damping cannot be neglected. Based on these comparisons, a more reasonable damping model is presented for improving the results of high frequencies.
Authors: Mikhail Petrichenko, Nikolay Vatin, Darya Nemova, Nikita Kharkov, Anastasiia Staritcyna
Abstract: In this research the alternative method is presented increases of oil recovery of an oil collector. Shock wave impact on layer. The technology is developed, advantage of this method is shown in comparison with layer hydraulic fracturing. For increase oil recovery and restoration of wells the traditional is widely applied technology of hydraulic fracturing of layer (flyuding), allowing on the short period to recover a well. Sense of a flyuding that hydrostatic pressure is created is considerable exceeding mountain and bringing to a rupture of a collector on one or several cracks. In this work the alternative technique of increase in oil recovery is offered by creation of a shock wave small intensity in the bottom fluid. With a high frequency of repeatability set of blows increases quantity of micro cracks in collector rock, increasing coefficient of permeability of layer without breaking its connectivity.
Authors: Keeratipan Damrongseree, Wipawee Tharmmaphornphilas
Abstract: This paper aims to reduce defectives in an in-house recycle process of hard disk drive media. The Six Sigma approach is applied to find out the factors which affect the sunray defect statistically and to obtain the optimal setting of each factor. Currently, defective rate is 23% and a sunray defect on media is identified as a major problem with 9.64% defective rate. It is found that a minimal defective rate of sunray defect is achieved with the setting of the load of rubber pusher at 106.5 gram, the spindle speed during tape move up at 2,500 rpm and the traverse speed of tape at 70 cm/min. Finally, the process with the optimal machine settings is implemented along with applying work instruction and training. It can reduce the defective rate from 9.64% to 3.2%.
Authors: Chi Yang Tsai, Paul Peter Tekanene, Kuei Feng Li
Abstract: In this research, we look at the distribution in a two-echelon divergent system that considers periodic review in determining the optimal order-up-to level and rationing parameters to maintain customer service level target. We consider three policies that can provide assistance to inventory managers/planners for quick and effective in determining a rationing parameter that is flexible and effective with the dynamic nature of the demand during the rationing process. Performance comparisons between these policies are given for various problems including the application in real operational/planning setting, and least deviation from the intended objective amongst them suggests otherwise a better policy to adopt.

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