Preparation of Adsorbent Composites Based on Bentonite/Sodium Lignosulfonate-g-AM


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Adsorbent composites comprising of bentonite/sodium lignosulfonate graft-polymerized with acrylamide (BLPAM) were synthesized. Results showed that the optimized preparation conditions within the experimental range were as follows: the mass ratio of acrylamide to sodium lignosulfonate was 14, the pH of the reaction medium was 4.0, the mass concentrations of the initiator and cross-linker were 0.45% and 0.30%, respectively. The Pb2+ adsorption capacity of the as-prepared BLPAM was 0.161mmol/g.



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Fangping Zhang




Q. X. Yao et al., "Preparation of Adsorbent Composites Based on Bentonite/Sodium Lignosulfonate-g-AM", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vol. 628, pp. 12-15, 2014

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September 2014




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