Dynamic Sensitivity Research for the Spindle of High-Speed Grinder Based on the Artificial Neural Network


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Three-dimensional parametric entity model was established for the high speed grinder spindle using Pro/Pragram in this article, the sample data of the artificial neural network model was obtained with the modal analysis performed by MSC.Patran/Nastran finite element analysis software, and the dynamic analysis model of high-speed grinder was established based on BP artificial neural network, the the modal analysis experiment of high speed grinder spindle and the sensitivity analysis of first-order natural frequency for design parameters were finished. Research shows that the dynamic characteristic of hollow spindle structure is much better than solid structure, compared with finite element model, BP artificial neural network model can realize optimization design and calculation of complex structure more quickly.



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Fangping Zhang




G. P. Chen and G. L. Wen, "Dynamic Sensitivity Research for the Spindle of High-Speed Grinder Based on the Artificial Neural Network", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vol. 628, pp. 257-260, 2014

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September 2014




* - Corresponding Author

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