Exergy Analysis of Energy Consumption for Central Air Conditioning System


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The energy consumption of several central air conditioning systems in summer was researched by the method of exergy analysis. Combined with actual example,the exergy loss of all the equipments and the exergy efficiency of three systems were calculated. The results show that the exergy efficiency of three systems is very low. Relatively speaking, the exergy efficiency of primary return air conditioning system with supplying air in dew point is highest. The equipment of highest exergy loss is air-conditioned room, while the exergy loss of surface air cooler is smallest. Based on this, several improvement measures were proposed to reduce exergy loss and improve exergy efficiency.



Edited by:

Fangping Zhang




X. X. Xia et al., "Exergy Analysis of Energy Consumption for Central Air Conditioning System", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vol. 628, pp. 332-337, 2014

Online since:

September 2014




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