Discussions on the Formation Mechanism of High-Angle Reverse Faults in Sanan Oil Field


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Formation mechanism of high-angle reverse faults has always been one of the questions concerning structural geologists. The mechanics of high-angle reverse faults does not conform to the Mohr-Coulomb criterion or Anderson’s theory of faulting. Geologists tried to explain the formation mechanism of high-angle reverse faults by inversion structure theory, Maximum Effective Moment Criterion and fault-valve model and so on. It is hard to explain the mechanism of high-angle reverse faults in Sanan oilfield with these viewpoints. It is considered that the cause of formation of such high-angle reverse faults was that the dip direction of normal fault plane has been overturned by the intensive superposed folding and interlayer gliding. “Overturned fault dip” can be regarded as a new type of inversion structure and supplements the existing types of inversion structure.



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Fangping Zhang




F. Yang et al., "Discussions on the Formation Mechanism of High-Angle Reverse Faults in Sanan Oil Field", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vol. 628, pp. 342-347, 2014

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September 2014




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