Displacement Measuring Method of Flexible Boom Based on MATLAB Video Processing


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For real-time measurements during the construction of the concrete pump truck boom shake,one displacement measuring method based on video processing is introduced in this paper, which can measure the displacement of flexible boom accurately.This method analyze the video of the marking object on flexible boom's movement one frame after another or one next to another with the help of powerful video processing ability of MATLAB.By binary processing and background subtraction,and use the relative continuity of video capture,dynamic background correction algorithm proposed to enhance the adaptability of the background changes,moving target extracted;In measurement with median filter method to filter the salt and pepper noise reduce the interference of background noise on the target,put forward difference threshold prediction method,dynamic prediction next frame target areas,which search out the scope of threshold value, actively predict the objected realm of next frame,and eliminate the background disturbers to the object as much as possible,the displacement measuring is realized.This method's possibility is proved by testing the boom of concrete pump,the test result shows that the error of displacement measuring is within 5mm which can meet the need.



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Fangping Zhang




S. Cao and Y. P. Luo, "Displacement Measuring Method of Flexible Boom Based on MATLAB Video Processing", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vol. 628, pp. 432-435, 2014

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September 2014





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