Modelling High Velocity Impact on Aluminium Alloy 7075-T6 under Axial Pretension


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This paper explains the utilisation of finite element model to analyse the ballistic limit of aluminium alloy 7075-T6 impacted by 8.33 g with 12.5 mm radius rigid spherical projectiles. This numerical study was compared with the results obtained experimentally. During impact, the targets were subjected to either non- or uniaxial- pretension and the projectile travelled horizontally to the target. It was observed that pretensioned targets were more vulnerable, which reduced the ballistic limit. The existence of harmful failures owing to pretension impact was ascertained and compared with the non-pretension targets.



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R. Varatharajoo, F.I. Romli, K.A. Ahmad, D.L. Majid and F. Mustapha




K.A. Kamarudin and A. E. Ismail, "Modelling High Velocity Impact on Aluminium Alloy 7075-T6 under Axial Pretension", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vol. 629, pp. 498-502, 2014

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October 2014




* - Corresponding Author

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