Multiple Crack Interactions in Bi-Material Plates under Mode I Tension Loading


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The solution of stress intensity factor (SIF) for central edge crack embedded in bi-material plate can be found in open literature. Instead of a single edge crack, some researches on the multiple crack problems can also be found. However, the solutions of SIFs for multiple edge cracks in bi-material plates are difficult to obtain. In this paper, such problems are solved numerically using ANSYS finite element program. There are three important parameters that are used namely, relative crack depth, a/W, relative offset distance, b/h and modulus ratio, E1/E2. Both materials are assumed to be perfectly bonded and fulfill the plain strain condition. It is found that all variables used play an important role in determining the SIFs. However, when b/h is large enough, it has no significant effect on the SIF where it converged to an almost single value. The same situation does not occur for mode II SUFs where the SIFs diverged when the parameters used are increased.



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R. Varatharajoo, F.I. Romli, K.A. Ahmad, D.L. Majid and F. Mustapha




A. E. Ismail, "Multiple Crack Interactions in Bi-Material Plates under Mode I Tension Loading", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vol. 629, pp. 57-61, 2014

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October 2014





* - Corresponding Author

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