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Authors: Yan Min Xie
Abstract: This paper presents a methodology to effectively determine the optimal process parameters using finite element analysis (FEA) and design of experiments (DOE) based on Metamodels. The idea is to establish an approximation function relationship between quality objectives and process parameters to alleviate the expensive computational expense in the optimization iterations for the sheet metal forming process. This paper investigated the Kriging metamodel approach. In order to prove accuracy and efficiency of Kriging method, the nonlinear function as test functions is implemented. At the same time, the practical nonlinear engineering problems such as square drawing are also optimized successfully by proposed method. The results prove Kriging model is an effective method for nonlinear engineering problem in practice.
Authors: Hua Qiong Liu
Abstract: This agility supply chain management is a complex project, because the running process is uncertain and dynamic. It requires realistic and feasible option mechanism and foundation process of the partnership and the problems that may come up in the cooperation process on the basis of the essence of the partnership. At present, China's enterprises are facing the challenges of the international market as its economic integration with the world. The traditional mode of operation of enterprises receives a serious impact internationally. Supply chain management theory and practice is increasingly showing its competitive advantage in the competition of global market. Supply chain management becomes a notable trend of development of China’s enterprise management. Under such a circumstance, the establishment of dynamic enterprise alliance and agile supply chain has become the survival weight of China's enterprises, so the study of agile supply chain management is imperative.
Authors: Huan Сhun Yang
Abstract: Firstly, this paper studies the integration and implementation of design for six sigma (DFSS) and business process reengineering (BPR), proposes the idea of DFSS-BPR integration framework and implementation framework of process reengineering; simultaneous it analyzes the process of business process reengineering of DFSS-based good supply practice (GSP), builds the optimized major business process of GSP; and finally makes functional adaptation design of GSP information system based on the optimized GSP business process. The results of this study are useful for the analysis, design and smooth implementation of consequent GSP information system.
Authors: Xian Zhi Tian
Abstract: With the development of information technology and teaching reform, many teachers put their focus on on the reform of teaching materials. As for reform of teaching reform, more and more people think that class teaching materials are in mature condition while teaching materials for English autonomous learning is in primary situation for its hard management outside calss. In this paper, the author has analysed the necessity of reform and measures of reform from her teaching experiences. From the analysis and study, we can see that teaching materials reform is a long way to realize teaching purposes. Thus, the author has proposed many designed ways to get the aim, and she hopes they will be helpful for teaching reform.
Authors: You Chan Zhu, Xiao Fang Zhang
Abstract: As the development of network the grid will be widely used. To choose a suitable authentication mechanism in a large grid is very important. Identity authentication is one of the important mechanisms that can achieve grid security. It is the first line in the grid applications. It is also a portal in the security system. In the light of the advantages and disadvantages of PKI and ID-PKI, this paper provides a new technology. Presently, PKI and ID-PKI authentication technology is a popular authentication technology. This technology uses the identity certification to reduce the overhead in the domain, and uses CA authentication between domains to guarantee the security of the system.
Authors: Fa Chao Li, Jing Li, Bing Wu
Abstract: The uncertainty of objective environment and subjective recognition often leads to practical problems appeared in the form of interval numbers. Therefore, studying on the ranking of interval numbers has great worth in theory and practice. In this paper, firstly, we put forward a compound quantification description of interval numbers; furthermore, provide a ranking method based on quantity property and the basic principle this method must followed; after that, combining with the compound quantification description, we get an axiomatic system for the synthesizing problem of each index; finally, study on the structural method of synthesizing effect function, give two types of specific building criteria(i.e. additive and multiplicative model) and discuss the order-preserving property of this order structure.
Authors: Shu Xin Luo, Jing Li, Fa Chao Li
Abstract: Interval number is a common tool to describe uncertain information. Its ranking method plays a role in solving uncertain decision-making problems. In Ref. [1], by analyzing the feature and shortcomings of the current ranking methods, we proposed a ranking method based on quantity property, and systematically discussed the structure criteria, based on it, in this paper, we firstly introduce the definition of quasi-linear function and establish an order model of interval numbers based on it; secondly, with a specific example, we further analysis the property the order structure built in Ref. [1]. The result shows that this method can merge decision making consciousness into the decision making process effectively. In complex optimization system, decision making and other fields have a wide range of applications.
Authors: Chun Mei Wu
Abstract: Cultivating students’ intercultural communication competence( ICC) is the focus of college English teaching. As the textbook is seen as the major vehicle to transmit culture, importance has been attached to the presentation of culture in textbooks, which looms large in students’ ICC. Based on two surveys , the author finds that positive aspects of foreign culture and native culture are presented in textbooks, however, foreign culture is so much in proportion to native culture that ultimately results in students’ failure in ICC. Teachers shoul balance two cultures in teaching, and launch a dialogue between them on the basis of the choice , intergration and balanced utilization of the two cultures. With the two-culture-dialogue, students can promote their ICC effectively.
Authors: Yan Kong Zhu, Cheng Xiang Hu, Teng Le
Abstract: This paper was to construct a frame of entrepreneurial research. Conclusion was drawn from the perspercitive of environment and it was based on the system theory, the organization balance theory and the entrepreneurial practice of china. The result is that entrepreneurial is a dynamic balance between entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial environment.

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