Horizontal Seismic Response of Self-Anchored Cable-Stayed Suspension Bridge under Pile-Soil-Structure Interaction


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Based on scheme of Dalian gulf cross-sea bridge, in this paper, a 3-dimensional FE model for Self-anchored cable-stayed suspension bridge is established with finite element program and pile-soil-structure interaction is simulated by use of the equivalent embed fixation model. Based on the FE model, model analysis is carried out and the effects of pile-soil-structure interaction on dynamic behavior of long-span self-anchored cable-stayed suspension bridge are specially studied. The seismic response analysis result considering that pile-soil-structure interaction was compared with that of without considering such interaction. The analysis result show that interaction reduced horizontal displacement in middle span of stiffening beam and top of tower, horizontal moment not only at bottom of tower, but also assistant piers. The research results provide some theoretical foundation to composite structure system.



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Helen Zhang and David Jin




M. Feng et al., "Horizontal Seismic Response of Self-Anchored Cable-Stayed Suspension Bridge under Pile-Soil-Structure Interaction", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vols. 63-64, pp. 421-424, 2011

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June 2011




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