Hydraulic Calculation and Visualization of Long Distance Pipeline Based on GIS


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Geographic Information Systems (GIS) are designed to support the management, manipulation, analysis, and modeling of spatial data. Water supply pipeline network is a system which has a large of spatial attribute data. In order to improve the managing and working efficiency, the paper proposed a new method for designing the long distance pipeline based on GIS. Seamless integration of GIS platform, hydraulic model of long distance pipeline is built which is base of hydraulic calculation. The model is based on building pipeline concise model dynamic. The hydraulic calculation is to guarantee the authenticity of the model which can help to simulate the whole system status and analyze the condition of long distance pipeline. The pressure and safety coefficient models of long pipeline based on GIS can help operator to know the details of every segment in the long distance pipeline system. The method locates the weakness of long distance pipeline and displayed impressively on GIS platform. All the technologies strengthen the security of the pipeline design, improve the accuracy of hydraulic calculation, and help operators to analyze the long distance pipeline condition by spatial visualization. The example shows that the method is reasonable, effective, and has been applied to practical project.



Edited by:

Helen Zhang and David Jin




X. L. Feng and X. J. Xu, "Hydraulic Calculation and Visualization of Long Distance Pipeline Based on GIS", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vols. 63-64, pp. 502-506, 2011

Online since:

June 2011




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