Advanced Research on Mechanical Engineering, Industry and Manufacturing Engineering

Volumes 63-64

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xiao Jun Xing, Jian Guo Yan

Abstract: With the purpose of overcoming the defect that unmanned air vehicles (UAVs) are easily disturbed by air current and tend to be unstable, an...

Authors: Yuan He, Qi Ling Zhang, Da Chao Hu

Abstract: Manufacturing grid (MG) is the application of grid technology in networked manufacturing. Ontology has been considered as an important...

Authors: Chang Chun Li, Shi Feng Wang, Jing Yu, Hua Guan Liu

Abstract: This paper discusses the basic principle for automatic searching the wheel valve hole based on machine vision. Image acquisition and image...

Authors: Wei Lei

Abstract: Ground subsidence is one of the environmental geological problems today which arises in the process of world urbanization and can't be...

Authors: Yu Ling Tian, Yu Hao Liu

Abstract: As in the dynamic clone selection algorithm, the detector use factor is low, the overall importance is bad, this article proposed that the...

Authors: Bing Sheng Liu, Hui Yan Ma, Li Lin

Abstract: This paper has studied the classification of investment risks in IT projects, and got 5 categories of investment risks, which can be...

Authors: Guang Yi Zhang, Tian Peng Zhao, Wan Yan Dong

Abstract: Urban economy has been deemed to be the leading power for regional economic and social development and it has everything to do with citizen...

Authors: Guang Yi Zhang, Yu Luo, Xin Hui Zhang

Abstract: With rapid economic development in recent years, Yantai city's comprehensive strength has been significantly enhanced. Meanwhile, such...

Authors: Dong Li Yuan, Qing Biao Xi, Wen Chao Li, Xiao Jun Xing

Abstract: To research the automatic alignment problem in autonomous aerial refueling docking phase for UAV, by simulating the aerodynamic parameters...

Authors: Jian Guo Yan, Dong Li Yuan, Si Yuan Li, Xiao Jun Xing

Abstract: In order to increase the fuel level measurement accuracy in aircraft fuel system, the method of sensor signal filtering based on the wavelet...


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