Advanced Research on Mechanical Engineering, Industry and Manufacturing Engineering

Volumes 63-64

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Zhong Jie Zhang, De Peng Zhao, De Qiang Wang

Abstract: As embedded and mobile devices application development and many micro-computing devices need to run the e-chart system. The tree spatial...

Authors: Li Jiang, Xin Yong Xu, Di Zhang

Abstract: The 3-D FEM numerical model of foundation for wind power turbine generator system is created, based on the platform of ANSYS. The non-linear...

Authors: Zhan Jun Liu, Cheng Chao Liang, Yang Wang, Cong Ren

Abstract: Considering the restriction of physical resource and the environment, we propose a new broadcast path algorithm based on genetic algorithm...

Authors: Qi Xiong, Hong Bo Zhang, Zheng Bei Zhu, Zu Ju Li

Abstract: In recent years, cluster technology is used more wildly. In this paper, we present a new method to implement a streaming media cluster...

Authors: Qi Li Zhou, Yong Qiang Shi, Lin Zhang, Tian Wang, Jiang Tao Du

Abstract: A community chatroom with instant message and file transfer is developed. P2P communication technology is introduced and composite P2P...

Authors: Qing Wan Hu, Yong Cai Liu

Abstract: In this paper, a numerical algorithm for computing grazing bifurcation of periodic orbit in autonomous planar systems is derived and...

Authors: Qi Hao, Sheng Jun Wu

Abstract: Explicit finite element method is adopted to simulate the crashworthiness performance of four types of typical thin—walled structures used...

Authors: Dan Niu, Shu Yu Guo

Abstract: Air pollution becomes more serious with the development of industry. Taking the “sustainable development” into account, more and more...

Authors: Hong Sheng Xu, Ting Zhong Wang

Abstract: Formal concept lattices and rough set theory are two kinds of complementary mathematical tools for data analysis and data processing. The...

Authors: Li Dan Chen, Jian Ruan

Abstract: A double degree of freedom valve was designed. It has the functions of the radial direction rotary motion and the axial translation motion....


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