Three-Dimensional Geological Modeling and its Application in Gas Hydrate


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We selected the Shenhu region in South China Sea as our research area, and use 3D modeling methods to develop visualization technologies oriented to strata modeling of irregular gas hydrate, hybrid rendering of ore bodies and boreholes, and contour extraction. Through real-time display of seismic attribute data volume, 3D geometry building, and integrated modeling of geologic strata and seismic attributes based on these technologies, we accomplished overlay analysis of seismic attributes, and spatial distribution description and detailed geologic feature depiction of gas hydrate bodies in the test area, and acquired good results.



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Su-Fen Yang




P. Li and L. Hu, "Three-Dimensional Geological Modeling and its Application in Gas Hydrate", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vols. 631-632, pp. 784-787, 2014

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September 2014





* - Corresponding Author

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