Natural Mineral Fiber Improved Asphalt Mixture Performance


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Natural mineral fiber with good performances of mechanical properties and environmentally friendly, pollution-free especially have gradually aroused extensive concern. In order to improve the quality of asphalt pavement, explore the applicability of nature basalt fiber in enhanced asphalt mixture performance, this paper investigates two typical asphalt mixtures and contrastive studies pavement performance of asphalt mixture by high temperature stability, water stability, low temperature anti-cracking and fatigue performance between basalt fiber modified asphalt mixture and base asphalt mixture, and then study the basic principle of fiber reinforcing asphalt mixture. The research show that basalt fiber modified asphalt mixture has a better pavement performance than base asphalt mixture, its dynamic stability is 1.6 times than base asphalt mixture, low temperature anti-cracking performance increased by more 25% and fatigue life is more 2 times than base asphalt mixture. And the basalt fiber can be used in the road engineering as an additive material that enhances the comprehensive performance of asphalt pavement.



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Jianguo Liang, Xun Wu, Weijun Yang and Weizhen Chen




M. H. Hao and P. W. Hao, "Natural Mineral Fiber Improved Asphalt Mixture Performance", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vols. 638-640, pp. 1166-1170, 2014

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September 2014




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