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Authors: Zhi Ming Feng, Guo Fu Yin
Abstract: This Document Proposes a System of Process Planning Template Design Based on XML. in this System, the Process Planning Documents Are Described by XML. the Author Analyzed the Process Card Template Model, and Devised a Template Design Function. Using this Function, Planners Are Able to Design and Modify Process Planning Cards According to their Requirements. the System Supplies a Uniform Interactive Platform for the Identical Type of Process Documents, and Lays a Strong Foundation for the Further Versatility and Practicability of a CAPP System.
Authors: Dan Hui Wu, Xin Wu
Abstract: In view of existing questions of misjudgment, low efficiency, and error in detecting weak signal using chaos critical state. The basic form of Duffing equation is firstly established and analyzed in this paper; and then, it describes the principle of weak signal detection based on the change of phase trace; The influence of Noise to weak signal detection performance is researched using chaos critical state detection method; Stochastic resonance phenomenon of the small-signal two-dimensional nonlinear system is found, and that, the research in the paper provides some foundation for enhancing detection signal SNR under the strong noise background and a new way for detecting weal signal using stochastic resonance
Authors: Dong Ming Huang, Lei Sun
Abstract: Hopfield neural networks with variable delay stability of the equilibrium point, the delayed neural network analysis of exponential convergence rate and exponential stability. Obtained by using Lyapunov functional stability of the index to determine the conditions, the use of a number of analytical methods to study the connection weight matrix and activation function of the boundary, has been the result of system is exponentially stable, and a numerical example to prove that the method effectiveness.
Authors: Dan Hui Wu
Abstract: The phenomenon of stochastic resonance based on two-dimensional bistable Duffing system under the conditions of small signal is analyzed in this paper; the detection methods of faint random binary code based on stochastic resonance technique of Duffing system is presented, Using this method, under the conditions of no knowing detection signal any priori knowledge, the detection signal waveform can be estimated, what’s more, the ratio of signal to noise of detecting weak random binary code can be achieved -25dB below, and the computer simulation verifies the method effectiveness. As a result, the research in the paper provides the a feasible and efficient method of weak random binary code detection under the conditions of Strong noise background
Authors: Shao Nian Li, Lie Jiang Wei, Zheng Rong Wang, Hong Ji
Abstract: The content of air bubble in oil will effect on the value of volume elasticity modulus and the pressure of oil in working cavity of vane pump, and effect on the force of vane. The model between the air bubble content and the oil pressure in sealed working cavity is built when vane moving from big arc area to outlet area. And the equations of vane force in outlet area of vane pump are listed, and the variation curves are obtained by computer simulation when the content of air is given different value. The curve indicated the content of air bubble only effect on the value of vane force in pressure rising area of vane pump. The value of force reduced and the gradient of variation curve increased with the value of the air bubble content increasing.
Authors: Shun Xin Li, Lei Jun Shi
Abstract: For service-oriented software engineering, the basic problem faced is the sharing and interaction of information between software, and in essence, is to make the software to communicate from the semantic level. Ontology is as a carrier of information and expression methods and is used to describe software entities. We may want to take into account the reuse of ontology modules, meanwhile different ontology libraries may face ontology heterogeneity and other problems, and all the above problems can be resolved through ontology mapping. Based on the process of ontology construction, the ways of presenting information by ontology and the reference to the practical process of ontology mapping, we put forward a framework of ontology mapping and ontology mapping algorithm which analyze from the ontology concept, instance, structure, hierarchy, and while take advantage of WordNet thesaurus and manual adjustments and other means to improve the accuracy of mapping discovery and mapping process.
Authors: Dao Bin Luo, Jian Ke Liu
Abstract: The absorption factor of the wafer is defined as the fraction of incident electromagnetic irradiance that is absorbed by the wafer.The absorption factor is derived from refractive index and the extinction coefficient of the wafer theoretically.Based on our analysis ,the absorption efficiency of the muti-layer configuration will be higher than the individual one at the same condition.
Authors: Dao Bin Luo, Jian Ke Liu
Abstract: A method has been forward to measure the samll vibration based on Michelson Interferometer, and the Doppler Effect is under consideration.The information about vibration can be detected by the photo detector and display on the digital oscilloscope at the same time.
Authors: Ming Ming Deng, Li Jun Liu
Abstract: This paper analyzes the problems in the supply chain of oil industry, proposes a model of the green supply chain of oil industry, and uses a case to illustrate the application of the green supply chain management of oil industry. The process consists of: green raw material, green exploitation, green store, green transportation, green sale, green consumption, green return ,green recycling and green disposal. It is proved well in application.

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