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Authors: Zhi Ming Feng, Guo Fu Yin
Abstract:This Document Proposes a System of Process Planning Template Design Based on XML. in this System, the Process Planning Documents Are...
Authors: Dan Hui Wu, Xin Wu
Abstract:In view of existing questions of misjudgment, low efficiency, and error in detecting weak signal using chaos critical state. The basic form...
Authors: Dong Ming Huang, Lei Sun
Abstract:Hopfield neural networks with variable delay stability of the equilibrium point, the delayed neural network analysis of exponential...
Authors: Dan Hui Wu
Abstract:The phenomenon of stochastic resonance based on two-dimensional bistable Duffing system under the conditions of small signal is analyzed in...
Authors: Shao Nian Li, Lie Jiang Wei, Zheng Rong Wang, Hong Ji
Abstract:The content of air bubble in oil will effect on the value of volume elasticity modulus and the pressure of oil in working cavity of vane...
Authors: Shun Xin Li, Lei Jun Shi
Abstract:For service-oriented software engineering, the basic problem faced is the sharing and interaction of information between software, and in...
Authors: Dao Bin Luo, Jian Ke Liu
Abstract:The absorption factor of the wafer is defined as the fraction of incident electromagnetic irradiance that is absorbed by the wafer.The...
Authors: Dao Bin Luo, Jian Ke Liu
Abstract:A method has been forward to measure the samll vibration based on Michelson Interferometer, and the Doppler Effect is under consideration.The...
Authors: Ming Ming Deng, Li Jun Liu
Abstract:This paper analyzes the problems in the supply chain of oil industry, proposes a model of the green supply chain of oil industry, and uses a...
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