Mechatronic Systems and Automation Systems

Volume 65

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Guang Ming Li, Gai Hong Lian, Zhen Qi He

Abstract: The data accessing technology is the core and foundation technology of the community health information systems. In the process of designing...

Authors: Qi Liu, Xiao Qing Liu

Abstract: According to the complex characteristics of grinding process, a method of fuzzy internal model control (FIMC) is put forward. By adjusting...

Authors: Min Ge Chen

Abstract: The paper presents an approach of designing FIR filter using window function. The method proposed is simulated in MATLAB. The simulated...

Authors: Cheng Qun Li, Si Si Bai, Zhi Cun Liu

Abstract: Introducing the structure components and work principle of electric power steering system, analyzing the flaw of the used structure. In...

Authors: Lch Gu, Zhw Ni, Zhj Wu

Abstract: The computation time consuming and poor efficiency of prediction exist in the model selection of traditional SVM. By studing on kernel...

Authors: Lch Gu, Zhw Ni, Zhj Wu

Abstract: This paper present a new method for the forecasting of network traffic in heterogeneous environment. This research investigates performance...

Authors: Yong Liang Lun, Liang Lun Cheng

Abstract: CPS is characterized by the tight integration of physical world and cyber world. Based on the brief introduction of the CPS and the research...

Authors: Jun Hu Zhang, Feng Jing Shao

Abstract: Applications built upon mobile wireless sensor networks demand multi-hop data transmission between the sink node and any other far-away...

Authors: Liang Li

Abstract: Based on building the 3-D elastoplastic FEA model on the M93 guide cylinder and its mould, the process of cold extrusion was simulated by...

Authors: Wen Yun Liu, Jing Lei Wang, Xiao Na Feng

Abstract: In order to improve the efficiency of voice analysis, the authors make a series of study on the cache technologies of improving VoiceXML...


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