Mechatronic Systems and Automation Systems

Volume 65

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jun Ying Tian, Jian Hai Han, Hong Lin Chen

Abstract: The aim of this paper is to give some researches and instructions of relations between the special shapes of an object boundary and their...

Authors: Ye Qin Wang, Liang Hai Chen, Li Yun Zhuang

Abstract: In order to achieve the exact location and character recognition of license plate, firstly, this paper got binary image of license plate and...

Authors: Lu Lu Pang, Cong Li Li, De Ning Qi, Tao Zou

Abstract: In this paper, a new image quality assessment method has been proposed in which can judge the quality of images without explicit knowledge...

Authors: Xiao Kun Miao, Ming Yang Li

Abstract: Road traffic accident forecast is a complex stochastic process. Based on the statistics of road traffic accident, Grey Model (1, 1)( short...

Authors: Li Fang Du, Bing Li, Hua Xuan

Abstract: This paper uses stochastic, transient networks to simulate queueing network when cargos arrive at the terminals, which can estimate the...

Authors: Ying Cao, Hua Xuan, Jing Liu

Abstract: Based on the background of steel-tube production, this paper presents the dynamic hybrid flowshop scheduling with batching scheduling at the...

Authors: Xiao Hong Li

Abstract: This paper aims to measure nation technological innovation output capacity and its developing tendency of China. The influence factors that...

Authors: Hua Xuan

Abstract: This paper studies a class of hybrid flowshop scheduling problem characterized by release time, transportation time and transportation...

Authors: Ya Ling Wu

Abstract: In this paper, we examined the relationship between controlling shareholders and accounting conservatism in China. Using 5762 firm-years...

Authors: Ping Wang, Ji Hong Shi, Ling Zhao, Rong Zong

Abstract: A novel method was proposed to evaluate the reliability of power communication network based on self-organizing map via analyzing the...


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