Mechatronic Systems and Automation Systems

Volume 65

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Kai Zhan, Bo Yu, Jing Wang

Abstract: The conventional submarine has the disadvantages of not-so-fast evasive speed, and the limited capability of torpedo countermeasure systems....

Authors: Ling Yun Zhou, Xiao Xian Yu, Dong Mu

Abstract: Modern logistics has become a new source of profits for manufacturing enterprises. Logistics business management can achieve great...

Authors: Zhong Wei Li, Ming Jiu Ni, Zhen Kuan Pan

Abstract: Volumes segmentation is an important part of computer based medical application for diagnosis and analysis of anatomical data. A...

Authors: Jia Hong Zheng, Min Li

Abstract: The inherent characteristics of the wind generators growth gearbox were solved, then the reasons which caused the gear transmission system...

Authors: Wien Hong, Tung Shou Chen, Chih Wei Shiu, Mei Chen Wu

Abstract: This paper proposes a lossless data embedding method for Block Truncation Coding (BTC) compressed images based on prediction and histogram...

Authors: Hong Yan Hao, Qing Shan Ji

Abstract: Project management in ERP is that it manage and deploy the planning, organization, personnel and related data in the process of project...

Authors: Qing Shan Ji, Xiang Qing Zhao

Abstract: The characteristics of direct-drive technology were briefly analyzed. The superiority of using the direct drive technology in the ship...

Authors: Ying Liu, Yun Jing He

Abstract: Starting a business is the impetus of the increase and in economy ,and it is also the basic which makes the economy of a nation, a region,...

Authors: Sheng Wu Wang, Xiu Hua Shi, Hui Xu, Zhao Jing Tong

Abstract: Wavelet Analysis extracts the main feature from the fault signal through wavelet transformation, so it is advantageous to withdraw fault...

Authors: Wei Tang, Yan Zi Zhao

Abstract: Kernel function is dominant in regression process of Support Vector Machine (SVM), it influences the prediction performance of SVM directly....


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