Mechatronic Systems and Automation Systems

Volume 65

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Tian Tian Yang, Zhi Bao Su, Jin Liu, Hong Meng

Abstract: This paper presents a distributed robust formation tracking control scheme for a team of mobile robots with parametric uncertainties and...

Authors: Yao Ge Wang, Peng Yuan Wang

Abstract: Interpolation is the core problem of Digital Elevation Model (DEM). The Coons DEM model is better than bilinear interpolation and moving...

Authors: Ling Ping Jiang

Abstract: In consideration of the problem in traditional aero-engine adaptive model, a new algorithm was proposed based on Recursive Reduced Least...

Authors: Wen Si Cao, Lu Hong Gong

Abstract: DC-DC switching converter is a time-variant and non-linear dynamic system, and it is difficult to analyze and design. The operating...

Authors: Li Mei Wang, Bin Liu

Abstract: This paper introduces a kind of three-dimensional human hairstyle database system based on structure optical measurement. The human body...

Authors: Tiren Li, Yun Yang

Abstract: On the basis of the common thread Nc machining in traditional , it established the Nc processing model of T shape and the fangs type.For...

Authors: Bao Long Liu, Hua Chen, Yi Guo

Abstract: XML signature is used to ensure XML data authentication. An XML multi-signature should satisfy multiple data authentication requirements for...

Authors: Bao Long Liu, Hua Chen, Yi Guo

Abstract: Without decrypting the encrypted blocks, it is difficult to query encrypted XML data. Inspired by Query-Aware decryption scheme, the paper...

Authors: Hua Chen, Xi Xi Jin

Abstract: The paper uses the self-similarity of the fractal image by researching the principle of LS fractal model, and makes XML document storing the...

Authors: Bo Sun, Hua Chen

Abstract: With widely applications of Multi-Agent System (MAS) on internet and intranet, how to ensure security regarding multi-agent communication is...


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