Mechatronic Systems and Automation Systems

Volume 65

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yan Zhang, Hui Song, Guan Jun Meng, Yan Wang

Abstract: Fault tree analysis is a fault diagnosis method that is better suited for "top-down" analysis. It can effectively evaluate cause-and-effect...

Authors: Guo Liang Yang, Zhi Lin Cheng, Li Zhang

Abstract: Histogram element gradation distribution of the original image concentrates in the low gradation level, and after histogram equalization...

Authors: Kun Feng Li, Zi Chun Yang, Wen Cai Sun

Abstract: Info-gap model is the foundation of the non-probabilistic reliability model. In this paper, ellipsoidal-bound model which is the most common...

Authors: Min Yue, Wu Shan Cheng, Min Liang Zhang

Abstract: In this paper, a remote monitoring system of CNC Equipments is developed based on web. In this way, managers can not only remotely access,...

Authors: Fan Yang, Cai Li Zhang

Abstract: Considering the poor accuracy of grey relational analysis method in fault diagnosis field, a rough set based weighted grey fault diagnosis...

Authors: Qun Feng Fu, Jian Gang Liu, Feng Jiao Du

Abstract: In this paper, billet caster mold oscillation have been found that the mold have sinked and swing have became deformed in the operated...

Authors: Cai Li Zhang, Fan Yang

Abstract: According to pressure vessel material waste problem in the traditional design, the finite element technique is used to pressure vessel...

Authors: Li Guo, Cai Wu Lu, Zhen Yang

Abstract: The medium-depth blasting design of underground mining needs to do a lot of data- processing of geological survey and graphics rendering. It...

Authors: Yao Hua Wang, Liang Wang, Hai Shan Yang, Bao Guo Zhu

Abstract: In order to solve the problem which generally exists in assessing high explosive ignition reliability of electro-explosive devices (EED), a...

Authors: Fan Yang, Cai Li Zhang

Abstract: Considering the insufficient ability of data processing existed in configuration software, a scheme integrated both advantages of advanced...


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