Mechatronic Systems and Automation Systems

Volume 65

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Zhong An Yu, Wei Qin Tan, Zheng Hua Xie

Abstract: In view of the scale of current control system become more and more big, and the structure is more complex than before. So it is difficult...

Authors: Wei Chen

Abstract: The system uses MSP430 micropower single chip microcomputer as controller and data processing chip in order to improve power generation...

Authors: Cui Hua Wu, Hui Li, Ying Liu

Abstract: In the new condition of improving tech-typed small & medium-sized enterprises, it has important realistic meaning and theoretical...

Authors: Wei Guang Zhang, Xin Ye Lei, Fen Fen Zhang, Qi Li

Abstract: In the development and application of superduty lathe process, the size measurement of a large workpiece is a key issue of quality control...

Authors: Ling Zhang, Bei Chen, Shi Zhong Hu

Abstract: To solve the problem of nonlinear characteristics of spherical vessels, an immune single neuron PID controller (ISNPID) is proposed in this...

Authors: Guang Ming Li, Zhen Qi He

Abstract: One kind of ARM and FPGA integrated design ideas have been proposed in this paper. The cost of ARM and FPGA integrated design is not large,...

Authors: Yong Li, Jin Long Wang, Rui Chen Ren, Shu Ang Han

Abstract: Device detection and diagnosis technology is one of the key technologies to guarantee safe, reliable and economical production, to achieve...

Authors: Duo Ning, Pan Pan Wang, Jian Bing Huang

Abstract: Low data stability exists in the measurement of the developed leather thickness gauge (MH-YD1). After studying the whole working principles...

Authors: Feng Lu, Cheng Hai Xu

Abstract: The effects of substrate temperature on the resistivity and transmittance of ZAO thin films prepared by DC magnetron reactive sputtering...

Authors: Ling Kun Ma, Xin Ying Yu

Abstract: In underwater acoustic signal processing, flank enlarges the apertures of array and establishes a better foundation in weak signal...


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