Mechanical and Electronics Engineering VI

Volume 654

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Tsair Wang Chung, Di Na Wahyu, Shih Hong Hsu

Abstract: Bio-based butanol has superior properties when compared to ethanol to be the gasohol and is gradually considered to be an important biofuel...

Authors: Xue Hua Wu, Jia Luo, Hua Wang, Zhen Fang

Abstract: Hydrothermal carbonization of bamboo was conducted at 300-370 °C for 1 h. Products in solid, oil, aqueous and gaseous phases were collected...

Authors: Xiu Lan Cai, Da Tian Fu, Ai Lan Qu

Abstract: A series of microcapsules were prepared by interfacial polymerization method using epoxy and urea formaldehyde resin as core material and...

Authors: Hao Jiang Zhao, Rong Qiang Liu, Hong Wei Guo

Abstract: The improved plane wave expansion method is used to investigate the effects of material parameters on the longitudinal vibration band gaps...

Authors: Hui Xue Bao, Qiang Liu, Xiao Qin Zhou

Abstract: Sapphire (Al2O3 crystal) is a hard and inert material with good mechanical, optical, physical and chemical properties...

Authors: Dan Lu Liu, Ren Gui Xiao, Teng Zou, Jian Zhong Wang, Jian Xin Cao, Dao Yun Xu

Abstract: High-purity aluminum foil was etched with DC pulse current in acids solutions at first time. Experiments indicated that tunnels morphology...

Authors: Jian Zheng Qiao

Abstract: In order to find the more suitable drying schedule, this test, by adopting 100°Cdrying test method, studies the index of drying...

Authors: Jian Xun Fu, Tao Li, Eng Yu Zhu, Chang Jin Wu

Abstract: During the state when China’s economy is highly developed and the investing for engineering construction is growing year by year, high...

Authors: Xiao Yan Li, Yang Chen, Sha Liu, Zhi Min Zhou

Abstract: Flocculation process is a method of ballast water treatment process which can satisfy the security, effective, environmental protection,...


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