Green Factory Bavaria Colloquium 2014

Volume 655

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Thilo Martens, Eric Unterberger, Christian Gebbe, Gunther Reinhart

Abstract: Life cycle assessment is becoming increasingly important for industry. Like the economic impact the ecological impact is mainly determined...

Authors: Vanessa Schmidt, Markus Graßl, Gunther Reinhart

Abstract: Even though the share of the production machine’s environmental impact might be negligible compared to the product’s own use phase, the...

Authors: Sven Kreitlein, Tobias Rackow, Jörg Franke

Abstract: This paper introduces a method for the assessment and evaluation of energy efficiency of the manufacturing processes in the production as...

Authors: Tallal Javied, Sven Kreitlein, Alireza Esfandyari, Jörg Franke

Abstract: This paper provides an overview of different types of motor systems and several measurement principals in order to determine the electricity...

Authors: Eric Unterberger, Florian Karl, Gunther Reinhart

Abstract: Industry is one of the major energy consumers in order to fulfill the social responsibility of the energy turnaround, with the result to...

Authors: Tobias Rackow, Tallal Javied, Teresa Geith, Peter Schuderer, Jörg Franke

Abstract: This paper addresses the analysis and evaluation of energy measuring devices for the operation in the manufacturing industry. The focus lies...

Authors: Simon Spreng, Johannes Kohl, Jörg Franke

Abstract: The establishment of green products and a sustainable production increasingly affects corporate competitiveness, as an efficient production...

Authors: Moritz Hamacher, Johannes Boehner, Arnim Reger

Abstract: This paper presents a flexible measuring system to identify energy efficiency potentials in the context of the ISO 50001 standard. On the...

Authors: Martin Bornschlegl, Paryanto, Michael Spahr, Sven Kreitlein, Markus Bregulla, Jörg Franke

Abstract: Energy costs play a decisive role in the operation costs of automotive production companies. Therefore, energy planning in an early...


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