Monitoring, Controlling and Architecture of Cyber Physical Systems

Volume 656

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ionelia Voiculescu, Victor Geantă, Elena Manuela Stanciu, Mihai Vasile, Tiberiu Laurian, Georgiana Chisiu

Abstract: The paper presents some aspects regarding tribological characteristics of composite tops of the electrodes for spot welding. The solution...

Authors: Rochdi El Abdi, Irina Severin

Abstract: Photosensitive single mode optical fibers have been embedded in composite sample in order to be used in optical sensors which monitor the...

Authors: Upendra Kumar, Binod Kumar, Krishna Murari Pandey

Abstract: The morphological characteristics as well as important physical and chemical characteristics rice husks were evaluated by different...

Authors: Emilia Binchiciu, Traian Fleser, Ionelia Voiculescu

Abstract: The paper presents research made to achieve environmental powder precursors from a CuSnP alloy, used in the manufacturing process of brazing...

Authors: Tanasache Daniel Tihanov, Carmen Florea, Emilia Binchiciu, Victor Geanta

Abstract: The paper presents research conducted in order to achieve some self-shielding armor with high and pre-established strength to intense wear...

Authors: Adrian Catalin Pavalache, Gabriel Marius Dumitru, Elena Manuela Stanciu, Raúl López, Mihai Vasile, Dan Petre

Abstract: The use of laser cladding (LC) technology for the improvement of surface properties in various mechanical design applications has given rise...

Authors: Danuta Grad, Liviu Marian Ungureanu, Cristian Gabriel Alionte

Abstract: This paper presents the erosion behavior of the metallic structure of the roller coaster’s carriage using an experimental method for erosion...

Authors: Krishna Murari Pandey, Sukanta Roga

Abstract: This paper presents a numerical analysis of the inlet-combustor interaction and flow structure through a scramjet engine at a flight Mach 6...

Authors: Pinku Debnath, Krishna Murari Pandey

Abstract: Detonation is the supersonic mode of combustion process which is essential for energy release from combustion process. Detonation is the...


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