Sustainable Development Achievements in a Database System


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Various sustainable developments and related matters have been accomplished [1-11, etc]. Sustainable development achievements enhance a balance between society, environment and economy conditions. This paper presents the relevant characteristics of different existing sustainable development projects, as support for the completion of new, innovative sustainable development achievements, selection criteria and building up a database system. The design, production, commercialization, use, recovering of a product, service or system must be achieved so that to satisfy the developer, producer and user needs i.e. to be multifunctional, with recycled components, resource-efficient, eco-friendly, easy to use, reusable, recyclable etc, by case.



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Laurentiu Slătineanu, Vasile Merticaru, Gheorghe Nagîţ, Margareta Coteaţă, Eugen Axinte, Petru Duşa, Gavril Muscă, Laurenţiu Ghenghea, Florin Negoescu, Octavian Lupescu, Irina Tiţa and Oana Dodun




C. E. Băișan and M. Gheorghe, "Sustainable Development Achievements in a Database System", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vol. 657, pp. 1016-1020, 2014

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October 2014




* - Corresponding Author

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