Quality Management in Projects - Quality Planning


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The project is defined as an ensemble coordinated by some activities accomplished in order to reach a well determined purpose, namely the project defines a process. Quality management in projects includes the processes necessary for providing the fact that the project satisfies the necessities it had been accomplished for. The quality planning function must remain present throughout the project life cycle. The settlement of the main (strategic) objective of the project and of the lower objectives together with the establishment of the methods by means of which these objectives are reached represent the quality planning in projects. After fixing quality strategic objective of the project it pass to the first major process of quality management in projects and namely to the quality of the planning projects.



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Laurentiu Slătineanu, Vasile Merticaru, Gheorghe Nagîţ, Margareta Coteaţă, Eugen Axinte, Petru Duşa, Gavril Muscă, Laurenţiu Ghenghea, Florin Negoescu, Octavian Lupescu, Irina Tiţa and Oana Dodun




L. M. Cîrţînă et al., "Quality Management in Projects - Quality Planning", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vol. 657, pp. 891-895, 2014

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October 2014




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