Advanced Concepts in Mechanical Engineering I

Volume 658

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Liviu Andrusca, Ioan Doroftei, Paul Doru Barsanescu, Viorel Goanta

Abstract: Determination of materials behavior subjected to complex stress state corresponding to certain operating conditions is one of the main...

Authors: Ovidiu Antonescu, Ioana Popescu, Păun Antonescu

Abstract: By the composing of the rotation movements with the concurrent instantaneous axes in a point, a rotation movement with the instantaneous...

Authors: Virgil Atanasiu, Cezar Oprişan, Dumitru Leohchi

Abstract: This study presents a dynamic model of helical gears for analyzing the effect of pinion-shaft flexibility on the dynamic behavior of helical...

Authors: Carmen Bujoreanu, Cristel Stirbu

Abstract: To realize an efficient car suspension control (for instance in technical inspection) it is important to use easy measurable variables. This...

Authors: Marin Chirazi, Emil Budescu, Eugen Merticaru

Abstract: The paper deals with the kinematical approach of the trajectory of movement of an academic rowing skiff with a view to determine a given...

Authors: Daniela Ciobanu, Codruta Jaliu, Radu Saulescu

Abstract: The use of renewable energy sources represents a continuous concern for the researchers around the world. The main source of renewable...

Authors: Bogdan Cristescu, Ana Cristescu, Laurenţia Andrei

Abstract: The paper resumes the traditional hypotheses for the noncircular mating centrodes design, based on the definition of i) the driving centrode...

Authors: Cezar Duca, Florentin Buium

Abstract: The paper deals with singularity problem of the closed-loop planar mechanisms. This problem is approached in addition with the force...

Authors: Cezar Duca, Florentin Buium

Abstract: This paper continues some ideas accepted in scientific literature or enunciates by us in previous papers. As title indicates, we treated the...


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