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Authors: Wen Liang Wang, Xiao Hong Rong
Abstract:The refractive index of silicon material is very high, and antireflection coatings are widely used to improve conversion efficiencies of...
Authors: Wen Liang Wang, Xiao Hong Rong
Abstract:A high-absorption of thin film system used for solar energy photon-thermal conversion is designed. Which is composed of four function parts...
Authors: Wen Liang Wang, Xiao Hong Rong
Abstract:Simulated annealing algorithm is a mathematic model, which imitates the physical process of annealing. And optical thin film is widely used...
Authors: Fei Qiu, Yi Liang Zhang, Dao Wen Wu
Abstract:2205 duplex stainless steel is often welded on the surface contact of the corrosive media in projects to prevent stress corrosion in...
Authors: Feng Ling Yang, Shen Jie Zhou, Gui Chao Wang
Abstract:The turbulent flow in stirred tank is highly complicated and anisotropic, especially when the macro-instability (MI) are involved. In this...
Authors: Hai Wen Du, Xing Wei Weng, Yu Song Fu, Chuan Lin Tang
Abstract:In order to study the nonlinear jamming problem in UCAV’s flight control system, a method of using observer to check the system’s jamming was...
Authors: Yun Feng Huang
Abstract:For the problem that power circulation and low efficiency easily occur in closed Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT), the input-coupled...
Authors: Yu Zhu Bai, Xi Wei Xu, Jie Xu
Abstract:For researching the strong earthquake recurrence period of Kusai Lake and Xidatan fault segment in different sliding velocities, we apply the...
Authors: Che Lah Nur Azida, Azman Jalar, Norinsan Kamil Othman, Abdul Razak Daud
Abstract:Test material of welded AA6061 Al alloy using ER5356 (Al-Mg-Si) filler metal was oxidized inflowing air gas for 40hrs at 600oC at a total...
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