Paper Title:
Development of a Measuring-Controlling Platform for MR Absorber with Embedded Controller

In order to improve its comprehensive properties and speed up its development period, a measuring-controlling platform was designed and tested for MR damper based on virtual instrument in this paper. Parameters and its comprehensive properties of the manufactured MR damper with embedded controller are firstly introduced and show. Then, its design principle of a measuring-controlling unit for MR damper with embedded controller is analyzed. Finally, a virtual integral developing platform based on virtual instrument and Labview environment is designed and developed. And a lot of properties test are finished for the designed and manufactured MR damper. Testing results show that the developed integral platform could meet its engineering application requirements of MR damper with embedded controller.

Edited by
Honghua Tan
H. S. Hu, J. Wang, "Development of a Measuring-Controlling Platform for MR Absorber with Embedded Controller", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vols. 66-68, pp. 1084-1089, 2011
Online since
July 2011

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