Study on Cutting of Laser-Preheated Mullite


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A thermal model for laser-assisted cutting of mullite is developed in this paper. Laser-assisted cutting has been proposed as a promising means for achieving cost-efficient production of high quality ceramic parts. At high temperatures the yield strength of ceramics can decrease below the fracture strength, changing the material deformation behavior from brittle to ductile and enabling the use of a single point cutting tool to remove material at rates approaching those of metal cutting. Assuming the system to be symmetrical and neglecting the heat loss taken away by removal material, the problem is formulated in a cylindrical coordinate system that moves with the laser beam or cutting tool. An analytical solution for this thermal model is obtained. The results calculated by this model agree with the available experimental data. The temperature history is presented during laser-assisted cutting of mullite. The effects of feed rate and laser power on temperature history are also discussed in this study.



Edited by:

Honghua Tan






C. Y. Ho et al., "Study on Cutting of Laser-Preheated Mullite", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vols. 66-68, pp. 2142-2147, 2011

Online since:

July 2011





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