Advances in Mechanical, Materials and Manufacturing Engineering

Volume 660

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Nik Mizamzul Mehat, Amirul Aliff Jamaludin, Shahrul Kamaruddin

Abstract: The reprocessing ability of recycled polypropylene (PP) has been investigated to evaluate the recycling feasibility in spur gear production....

Authors: Mohammad Fadhil Mat Nor, Safian Sharif, Khairur Rijal Jamaludin

Abstract: In this study, waste polyethylene terephthalate (PET) polymer binder systems were used to prepare copper-graphite metal injection molding...

Authors: Samir Sani Abdulmalik, Rosli Ahmad

Abstract: Friction stir processing is a novel process evolved to fabricate surface metal matrix composites. Rice husk ash (RHA) is an agro-industrial...

Authors: Alias Mohd Nor, Muhammad Rabiu Abbas, Srithar Rajoo, Muhammad Hanafi Md Sah, Norhayati Ahmad

Abstract: Research on the use of thermal barrier coatings in internal combustion engine had contributed in achieving higher thermal efficiency,...

Authors: Chee Kiong Sia, S. Hakimi Mohd, Ong Pauline, Kuang Jie Fie

Abstract: In this study, the potential of rust as a pigment in paint technology via sintering process was investigated. Iron (III) nitrate was the raw...

Authors: Mohd Ikhwan Jamaludin, Nor Hafiez Mohamad Nor, Nur Atikah Abu Kasim, J.B. Saedon, Norhamidi Muhamad

Abstract: Debinding process of injection moulded Ti-6Al-4V feedstock was divided into two parts: solvent debinding process to eliminate palm stearin...

Authors: Rosli Asmawi, Mohd Halim Irwan Ibrahim, Azriszul Mohd Amin, N. Mustafa, N. Alawi

Abstract: The mixing process of a newly developed binder system based on waste polystyrene (PS) and palm kernel oil (PKO) to produce feedstock for...

Authors: Mohd Suffian Misaran, Rossalam Sarbatly, Md Mizanur Rahman

Abstract: In the present work, the rheological properties in terms of shear stress and viscosity of Kaolin/Polyether-Sulfone (PESf) of varying ratio...

Authors: Zaka Ruhma, Asep Ridwan Setiawan, Aditianto Ramelan, Rochim Suratman

Abstract: In this work, the oxidation behavior of Fe-20wt.%Cr alloys with different titanium contents: 0, 0.5, and 1 wt.% are studied as a function of...

Authors: Sunarjono Sri, Hartadi Sutanto Muslich

Abstract: Foamed bitumen is a binder of cold mix road recycling materials. It is necessary to understand the best foamed bitumen properties prior to...


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