Applied Solutions of Engineering Science

Volume 661

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yousuf Pyar Ali, Arun M. Narsale, Brij Mohan Arora

Abstract: In this work we carried out electrical characterization of n-GaAs implanted at 300 K with high energy (100 MeV) 28Si and...

Authors: Intan Syaffinazzilla Zaine, N.A.M. Napiah, Azmi Mohamad Yusof, A.N. Alias, A.M.M. Ali, Siti Hajar Khalid

Abstract: The MWCNTs was functionalized by refluxing commercial MWCNTs (a-MWCNTs) in concentrated HNO3/H2SO4 (3:1...

Authors: Mohd Norzila, Mat Irahim Nur Akidah Honey, Jaafar Nursyafinaz

Abstract: Corrosion control of metals is about technical, economic, environmental, and aesthetic importance. Synthetic corrosion inhibitors are toxic...

Authors: Talib Ria Jaafar, Mohd Asri Selamat, Z.J. Rusila, M.F. Ismail

Abstract: Cu-based powder metallurgy friction materials were prepared by varying of Fe and C (% weight) in the friction components. The samples were...

Authors: Muhammad Azran Zaidill Azizan, Hamizura Hassan, Senusi Faraziehan, Norhasnina Abu Hassan

Abstract: Decolorization of azo dye, reactive black 5 (RB5) in an aqueous solution was investigated by using Fe-areca nut (Fe-AN) as heterogeneous...

Authors: Arman Sikirman, Jagannathan Krishnan, Elvana Nerissa Mohamad

Abstract: The effect of dopant concentration on N, Fe co-doped TiO2 for photodegradation of methylene blue under ordinary visible light was...

Authors: Nur Khalida Adibah Md Rodzi, Senusi Faraziehan, Alrozi Rasyidah

Abstract: In this study, biosorption of copper and zinc ions on Baker’s yeast, Saccharomyces Cerevisiae was investigated. The data of batch...

Authors: Said Zuliyana, Alrozi Rasyidah, Senusi Faraziehan, Mohamad Anuar Kamaruddin

Abstract: In this study, adsorption of binary metal (Ni(II) and Pb(II)) ions from aqueous solution by using natural (NC), acid-modified (AC) and...

Authors: Mohd Zawawi Mohamad Zulhelmi, Alrozi Rasyidah, Senusi Faraziehan, Mohamad Anuar Kamaruddin

Abstract: Biosorption process is considered as economical treatment to remove metal from the aqueous solution compared to other established methods....


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